Case Studies

EdTech startup hiring

A new EdTech startup having to quickly scale operations during Covid-19 lockdown...
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Global Enterprise hiring

A Large global conglomerate with hiring requirements across sectors and functions...
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The year of continued transformation

The year of Transformation at scale for HR

Editor 21 January, 2021

HR in 2021 - Predictions for Transformation At Scale

12 HR Predictions by Josh Bersin for 2021: Transformation At Scale...
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What’s right for you? What’s right for me?

What’s right for you? What’s right for me?

Deepa M 12 January, 2021

The Great Dilemma

How frequently do you come across situations where you have more than one choice to make? Don’t you wish to just run away from...
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American versus Desi hiring experience

Cultures change, People don't ;)

Editor 05 January, 2021

American versus Desi hiring experience

Cultural changes between continents can be both perplexing & hilarious, especially in Human Resources. ...
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Kajol Bobra 24 December, 2020

Rise of Gen Alpha – Workforce of the Future

The first generation to be completely born in the 21st century, the children of millennials and siblings of Gen Y, the screenagers – the...
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Emotional intelligence for good and bad!

EI has the power to impact Work Culture

Paras Mahajan 15 December, 2020

Driving Work Culture with Emotional Intelligence

Are you using the power of Emotional Intelligence at Work? See how it Persuades, Motivates, and Influences people to drive Culture....
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Surbhi Vijay 28 November, 2020

Bringing back the Mojo in Remote Working

The initial liberty and excitement of working from home, is fast culminating into fatigue & inefficient. Is virtual world really the reason for unproductive...
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