Case Studies

EdTech startup hiring

A new EdTech startup having to quickly scale operations during Covid-19 lockdown...
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Global Enterprise hiring

A Large global conglomerate with hiring requirements across sectors and functions...
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Halloween: 6 nightmares that is making Recrui

Frightening state of Tricks surpassing treats

Madiha Reyaz 31 October, 2021

Halloween: 6 Stats that are making Recruiters scream

The frightening state of Employment market. 6 Recruitment stats that will bring chills down your your spine, this Halloween....
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Rangoli and Human Resources

Myths about the HR function at work

Mahita Kesharwani 28 October, 2021

Does HR mean Holidays & Rangoli?

HR is often mocked as 'Holidays' & 'Rangolis'. The wide ambit of the HR function can sometimes be less understood. Busting Mysteries & myths...
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Daksh Sharma 06 October, 2021

Work Sabbaticals without guilt

Work sabbaticals are no longer considered taboo and are a joint reposibility of employers & employees. ...
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12 indicators to identify a Bad hire

Fail the failure, fast

Editor 06 September, 2021

12 indicators to identify a Bad hire

Afterall, “It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career."...
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HR Analytics

Technology significantly reduces human bias

Paras Mahajan 14 August, 2021

Leveraging Technology for building a Diverse workforce

Technological innovation in DEIB is enabling humans to build a Diverse workforce. Yet, it all begins, not by adoption, but by Intention!...
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Spot the Human in the person!

Ayushi Saharia 01 August, 2021

Befriending the Human (resources)

Making friends with HR can be very tricky at work. Friend or foe? Bias or neutral? Spot the Human in that person!...
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