Case Studies

EdTech startup hiring

A new EdTech startup having to quickly scale operations during Covid-19 lockdown...
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Global Enterprise hiring

A Large global conglomerate with hiring requirements across sectors and functions...
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Future of jobs

Future of jobs. Explore the journey of jobs in 2021.
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Hiring trends & the Most sought after roles

Hiring trends & the Most sought after roles

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye 18 January, 2022

Insights into the Future of Jobs

hiringplug Recruitment Marketplace brings to you the "Future of Jobs 2021-2022" report primarily based on information captured on the award winning HR Tech hiring...
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Aditya Nair 12 January, 2022

Swinging through 2022 - The Spidey way!

As we get older and busier, there will be days when we feel completely demotivated, and during these moments, we can always turn to...
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HR Trends

The true Employee Era is upon us

Shreya Garg 27 December, 2021

Defining HR Trends for 2022

Workplace culture has always been a significant factor in recruiting, retaining employees, and overall company success, it is now more than ever the key...
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Santa’s real, and he’s in HR.

Observant, Finicky and Rewarding!

Ayushi Saharia 06 December, 2021

Isn't Santa Claus in HR?

Just like any seasoned HR, Santa observes children throughout the year and showers gifts, on Christmas Eve....
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American versus Desi hiring experience

Cultures change, People don't ;)

Editor 08 November, 2021

American versus Desi hiring experience

Cultural changes between continents can be both perplexing & hilarious, especially in Human Resources. ...
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Halloween: 6 nightmares that is making Recrui

Frightening state of Tricks surpassing treats

Madiha Reyaz 31 October, 2021

Halloween: 6 Stats that are making Recruiters scream

The frightening state of Employment market. 6 Recruitment stats that will bring chills down your your spine, this Halloween....
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