Case Studies

EdTech startup hiring

A new EdTech startup having to quickly scale operations during Covid-19 lockdown...
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Global Enterprise hiring

A Large global conglomerate with hiring requirements across sectors and functions...
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Who gives sleepless nights to Recruiter?

Who gives sleepless nights to Recruiter?

Editor 31 October, 2020

Halloween: 10 Horrifying Candidates for Recruiters

Halloween is a reminder on what really horrifies the Recruiters all over the world. 10 types of candidates that scare them....
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A new work environment?

New era of Social distancing & collaboration

Ayushi Saharia 28 October, 2020

Saying Goodbye to Open Office Spaces?

The Pandemic has forced evolution of Open office culture - once considered the growing trend. How would Collaboration work in the era of Social...
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Big Data in HRM by hiringplug HR Blog

People management is a Data driven science

Paras Mahajan 18 October, 2020

How Big Data is all set to rejuvenate Human Resources

Human Resource programs no longer need to be based on 'soft' reasoning but should be as analytical and as data-driven as any other management...
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The pandemic is a great opportunity for D&I

Aditi Singh 15 October, 2020

Diversity hiring during the Pandemic

The pandemic is a great opportunity to improve diversity with remote working. Increasing number of hiring managers are leaning on Technology platforms to realize...
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Virtual Harassment

Virtual harassment perhaps adapted faster

Deepa M 02 October, 2020

Is Harassment from Home trending?

With work from home becoming the new normal, women felt that they could be in their safe place. But it seems like harassment was...
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Tips to Handle work stress during thepandemic

Covid-19 is causing unsurmountable stress

Anurag 03 September, 2020

Handling Stress during Covid-19

As if regular work load wasn't enough, now Covid-19 is causing unsurmountable stress. It is vital to quickly identify, acknowledge and mitigate it for...
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