Case Studies

EdTech startup hiring

A new EdTech startup having to quickly scale operations during Covid-19 lockdown...
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Global Enterprise hiring

A Large global conglomerate with hiring requirements across sectors and functions...
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Future of jobs

Future of jobs. Explore the journey of jobs in 2021.
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Mahita Kesharwani 09 May, 2022

Dirty little secrets of HR

Applying for a job to HR? Shhh! you have no idea who you're dealing with ;) Check-out these Dirty little secrets of HR. ...
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Editor 05 May, 2022

2022 Insights into Post-Pandemic Recruitment

Don't miss 2022 critical Insights into Post-Pandemic Recruitment to understand how the landscape is fast evoloving to the future of jobs!...
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Always do everything you ask at command

Aditya Nair 25 April, 2022

Military art of Leadership

The armed forces are known for fighting against the odds and emerging victorious. How do they manage that? The world dynamics have shifted and...
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Ayushi Singh 19 April, 2022

A New Approach to Design Thinking in HR

Design thinking has now become somewhat of a trend. Entrepreneurs talk about it, leaders talk about it, your friends are enrolling in courses related...
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Hybrid working

Can you balance them both?

Devina Sharma 06 April, 2022

Hybrid Working & Talent Retention

While the organizations across the world have largely adjusted to hybrid work-mode, it has brought with it a whole new set of problems that...
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Mahita Kesharwani 06 March, 2022

The New King - Consumerization of HR

Isn't it the best when Netflix serves up a menu of "Because you watched..." movies that are specially picked up for you? Imagine walking...
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